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Here you can find the calendar for all Victory Farm and Belle Rose Kennel training classes and events!
To sign up for a Belle Rose Kennels event please contact Skylar at

Events/Classes at MABCR,

Belle Rose Kennels, and Victory Farm

65032554-20Mar16_SA_MK4_9336_DxO (2)Agility Class :

Our agility classes focus on forming a bond with your dog while learning how to safely use the equipment. While we currently only offer a beginner class, it is flexible and can be beneficial for any level dog. If enough interest is shown, Intermediate and Advanced level classes can be offered in the future. Dogs should have a solid sit and recall to participate in this class.


Rally Class :

Rally is a more laid back version of Competitive Obedience. It combines the commands sit, down, stay, stand, and heel to create a fun course for dog and handler to complete with precision. Rally is a fantastic way to gain a better communication between dog and handler due to the focus that is necessary to complete a course. Dogs wishing to take this class must have a general understanding of sit, heel, and down.


Basic Obedience and Manners Class :

This class’s main goal is to help owners teach their dogs basic commands such as recall, sit, down, stand, stay, back-up, and loose leash walking. Most owners want a dog that they can take out-and-about with them and has good manners with stranger, this class will focus on helping owners meet these goals.


Nose work/Tricks Class :

This beginner class is for dogs who love to use their noses! Nose work is also a great way for shy dogs to gain confidence as they learn that it is okay to follow their instincts and sniff away. This class is combined with a beginners tricks class to give your pups nose a break and to help them gain confidence through trick training. These tricks can be practical, like “go get the keys” or just fun like “take a bow.” This class is mostly structured by the participants and what tricks they would like to accomplish with their dogs.


Agility Free Play:agility (3)

These two hour session are offered throughout the summer for people who would like to come at any point during that period to use the equipment. The sessions are supervised and if you have questions our staff would be more than happy to help but it is mostly for owners to come play with or train their dogs on the agility equipment in a safe, secure, and supervised environment.



IMG_20150510_133345Yappy Hour:

This weekly event allows owners to come to Victory Farm and enjoy play time in our 5 acre field with MABCR dogs, our personal dogs, and other local dog owners. Unlike a dog park, all play is supervised by our staff and the dog’s vigilant owners. Dogs must be friendly. Please contact us to let us know if you will be attending. 



Trick Seminars:IMG_20150623_214708

Learning tricks is a fun way to spend time with your dog as well as being able to impress your friends with your dog’s awesome new talents. These seminars will be customized for each dogs individual skill level and each participant will have an opportunity to be tested for the Do More With Your Dog Trick Titles (Novice-Expert).



20150526_144050Field Trips/Walks:

Several times throughout the year, if interest is shown, field trips can be taken into Chestertown, Eastern Neck Island, Ralph’s Worph, etc to apply the work on basic manners and walk for exercise. This will be a laid back experience for both the owners and the dogs to bond and just enjoy the canine and human company. A walking club will also be formed if the interest is shown.


Alternative Break Groups:10170751_10152320795019696_1178924593_n

Groups of students from, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities from around the US, come to Victory Farm for a service trip to volunteer with Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue and the Victory Garden. While they are visiting with us they also learn about the Chesapeake Bay environment and botany. Contact Sarah Ruckelshaus at for more information.





1005060_10151524820913182_1115943151_nCollies and Coffee:

A few times throughout the summer, Victory Farms and Mid-Atlantic Border Collie invite all responsible dog owners with friendly dogs to come enjoy a day of play in our 5 acre field with other dogs in a supervised environment. Bring some food to share and enjoy a puptastic day with fun, food, and doggie entertainment.


Yappy Hour at the Wine Bine (

This event is a fundraiser for Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. Free music, wine, beer, and popcorn, lots of dogs and dog people to socialize with, and it’s all free. 100% of the donations that go into the jar go directly to MABCR (well, actually it’s over 100% because Dave rounds up when he writes the check!). Come out to Ellicot City, MD and support the rescue, we’d love to see you and your pack! This is a super fun evening, one of our favorite events of the summer season!